The Myths of Blood Sugar Control and What to Do About it

If you are concerned about the amount of sugars in your blood, and you should, you need to know…

The Great Myths of Blood Sugar Control

1. Conventional wisdom says if you’re not having symptoms, your blood sugar control problems are not such a big deal, they’re wrong! If you do not have symptoms now, here is a little sampling: Foggy thinking, memory lapses, weak and irritable before meals, low energy levels, cravings for sugar, kidney problems and high blood pressure and cholesterol levels are just a few of the symptoms you might not be attributing to unbalanced sugars in your blood.

2. Most people think that low-fat dieting can control your blood sugar. Wrong again!

Fat is not the cause of America’s epidemic of insulin resistance. Sugar and excess carbs are, and most people are in the dark about it. The average American consumes roughly 200 pounds of sugar each year, much of it hidden in the processed foods we eat. Ingesting too much sugar is acid-forming and wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels leading to poor health.

3. Conventional wisdom says that drugs are the only way to manage blood glucose, that natural solutions won’t work for blood sugar. Wrong, dead wrong! The pharmaceutical companies have plenty of drugs to help you deal with blood glucose imbalances. The trouble is… the side effects of some of these drugs can be WORSE than the disease they’re supposed to treat!

For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently mandated the use of a “black box” warning on the diabetes drug Avandia. This strong warning label emphasizes the drug, “may cause or worsen heart failure in certain patients.” Despite this disturbing admission, an agency advisory panel voted 22 to 1 in favor of allowing continued sales to U.S. patients!

But here’s some good news. You can balance the sugars in your blood naturally, simply by using nutrients straight from Mother Nature.

Nutrients for Healthy Blood Sugar

It might seem hard to imagine that a few herbs can help you win the battle of sugar imbalance–but it’s TRUE! I want to introduce you to some natural compounds that represent a breakthrough for balancing your blood glucose.

Let’s examine each of these super nutrients individually…

Gymnema Sylvestre

For more than 2,000 years, people in India have used the herb Gymnema sylvestre to help control blood sugar. In fact, the leaves of this climbing plant are highly valued by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine–the ancient system of healing developed in India and practiced by the renowned doctor Deepak Chopra. The herb is also called “gurmar,” which literally means “destroyer of sugar” in Hindi. This name describes the way that chewing the leaves interferes with your ability to taste sweetness. Because this amazing herb decreases the sensation of sweetness in many foods, this may reduce your cravings for sugary snacks. In addition, this versatile herb helps improves insulin receptor sensitivity and insulin signalling.


Another weapon in nature’s arsenal of sugar fighters is the mineral chromium. Chromium aids in digestion and helps move blood glucose from the bloodstream into the cells for energy. It also helps turn fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy. What’s more, chromium is critical for healthy insulin function. Without enough chromium in your body, insulin just doesn’t work properly. Chromium exists in many foods, but research shows that 90% of American adults have a chromium deficient diet! This could be a key reason why an increasing number of Americans suffer from problems related to imbalanced sugar in their blood. The biggest reason for chromium deficiency in America is that packaged food has none of this key blood sugar controlling ingredient in it. And Americans eat far more packaged food than natural “real” food.

Banaba Leaf Extract

For many years,people living in the Philippines, South Asia, and India have brewed a banaba leaf tea to help regulate sugars in the blood. Medical scientists believe that banaba leaf’s beneficial effects on blood glucose are due to its high concentration of corosolic acid, a natural compound extracted from its leaves. Corosolic acid mimics insulin by moving sugar out of your bloodstream and into your cells. And numerous scientific studies have proven banaba leaf’s effectiveness.


Modern science is shedding new light on another traditional folk remedy which delivers excellent health benefits. Fenugreek is an herb native to the Mediterranean, Ukraine, India, and China. Practitioners of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine have used the herb for more than 2,000 years. Modern scientists now know fenugreek helps balance your cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood glucose. Fenugreek seed stimulates insulin release. This helps food sugars reach your cells properly.


Although it may be unknown to most people in the West–bitter melon has long been used in South America, the Caribbean, East Africa, and the Orient as both food and a natural medicine. And scientific studies prove its value for treating blood sugar problems. Studies have show bitter melon could play a key role in helping to balance insulin in your body and had positive effects on the serum glucose levels of those taking it–which of course means healthy blood sugar control.

So if you’ve resigned yourself to a life filled by downing daily prescription medications, jabbing yourself with insulin shots, and praying that you don’t succumb to kidney failure, loss of vision or extremities, Think again.

Imagine avoiding the dangers of pharmaceutical agents while you:

– Balance your blood glucose
– Control insulin and help your body use it more effectively
– Keep your cholesterol healthy
– Boost your immunity
– Support healthy weight loss
– Eliminate sugar spikes
– Protect your kidneys
– Banish tired, sluggish feelings
– Reduce sugar and food cravings
– Plus, dozens more benefits!

All these powerful nutrients are great for blood glucose control but it does not give you a license to eat sweets regularly or to go long periods of time without eating. Both of these practices will imbalance your blood sugar leading to multiple health problems, not the least of these is diabetes. There is a huge laundry list of diseases and health problems that have blood sugar imbalances as their underpinnings.

So, look to balance your carbs with proteins and take a supplement that has bitter melon, chromium, gymnema and fenugreek. Your body will thank you by performing better in your daily life.